Some Questions To Ponder

These questions are not intended to function as arguments for anything. They are intended to prompt discussion of things we often take for granted. Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.

If killing a fetus and killing an infant are morally similar, then are killing a baby bird and smashing a fertilized bird egg also morally similar?

If yes, what is the moral status of the bird example?

Is it permissible to eat living animals? If so, which ones?

If it is permissible to race dogs or horses for our entertainment, is there a reason that we cannot do the same with human children?

Can animals consent to being raced for our entertainment? Is their consent, or lack thereof, morally relevant?

If they can consent, how do we determine when animals are consenting, and when they are not?

If their consent is not morally relevant to the issue of racing, is it relevant to the issue of bestiality? If not, what reasons are there for thinking bestiality immoral?

Is the issue of whether a person is sterile relevant to the topic of incestuous relationships?

If a person of sound mind writes in his will that he wishes for his body to be eaten after death, is doing so immoral? If so, why?

Is there a morally relevant way in which cannibalism of the kind in the previous question differs from cremation, or organ donation?


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