More Feminist Facepalm

So I went back and checked the comments on the link in my last post, and found an interesting discussion. A commenter by the name of ‘Josh’ posted this:

Jesus….What a bunch of hypocritical feminist garbage. It seems like I can’t go a day without seeing some post about how women/gender roles are marginalized in some way under the banner of equality. As a male, I’d get absolutely torn apart if I raged about how people said insensitive things to me in my life, but the amount of white knighting in these types of blogs is absurd. Perhaps people just don’t want to confront the antagonists because it isn’t worth it to them.

What you’re calling for here is not equality, it’s to be put in a special class, protected from all wrongdoing; to be praised for being awesome, but not in any way that can be associated with a “traditional” female gender role. It’s the whole I’m special, and unique, and strong, and independent,blah blah blah blah.

The reason that the term “Wife Aggro” exists, is because it happens; it happens a lot, or at least enough that any gamer can know precisely what it references even if they never heard the term before. The fact that some women rage about this stuff all day long, is exactly why women have the stereotype of being irrational, hyper-emotional people. Do you understand that if you just carried it as a banner, then no one would have ammunition against you?

I get it if the term doesn’t apply to you, and I guess you have the “right” to be offended by it, but I also have the right not to care about your feelings. Throughout life people will slam you with insults, trying to see if they can get under your skin and make you crack. Apparently, they’ve won because this sob-story is exactly what people want.

I’m in 100% favor of equality for women & other gender groups. In fact it’s my number 1 social issue these days. If we ever get to that point, I’ll be very very happy.

However, all of the “advances” women have made towards equality will probably start to go away.

Those amazing women athletes in the Olympics, will now be competing co-ed with their male counterparts – let’s see how many get in.

Those awesome tech-jobs you get when a company isn’t “diverse” enough to qualify for corporate incentives may be reduced. Take a look at a comp sci program and tell me how many were women. In my case, it was exactly 1%. That means that on average there should be 1 female from my school employed in the tech sector for every hundred men. You might call that an atrocity; I call it math.

Additionally, we can stop parading PMS Gaming Clan around MLG like they are something special, When I used to play with them in the Xbox days, our clan would routinely destroy them, so maybe we should get sponsorship deals to be “pro” gamers too.

If what you really want is to be treated fairly, the answer is simple.: Be good at what you do, grow a tougher skin, and stop expecting handouts (socially, & economically). Once you agree to bear the same burdens, you’ll get the same respect, but not any extra.

Now IMO, Josh has some good points, although his tone could use a lot of work. But instead of a response, Aro posts this:

Yeah, what a non-response. So after this, Josh posts again. Except he doesn’t, because this is how it reads:

[ I am an idiot with deficient reading comprehension skills who is nevertheless grateful for the opportunity to win fabulous prizes for being a sexist asshole. Thanks, Aro! ]

– Mod-Edited for clarity. Have a nice day!

How rude. How condescending. How trivial. But despite all this, I’m going to respond seriously to Aro, because an intellectual smackdown is just so…fun. So I responded with this:

Ok Aro, I’m back. Remember me? Hi. You probably won’t let this comment go through, but I’m going to try anyway. I don’t really care if anyone else sees it, as long as *you* see it.

So two things. First, I see you (or one of your mods) have edited Josh’s comment below. Now, you do have a right to decide which comments to allow on your site and which to reject, but that isn’t what you’ve done here. Instead, you’ve edited Josh’s comment to make it insulting towards him (for ‘clarity’, apparently). How would you feel if you posted a comment somewhere, and a mod edited it to read, “I am a bitch who needs to get back in the kitchen”? Probably wouldn’t be too amused, I’m guessing. The point is that two wrongs don’t make a right. If you don’t like what Josh said, why not just delete it? Sure, Josh’s previous comment was antagonistic, but stooping to his level doesn’t solve anything.

Second point, and the main reason I’m back here with another comment. I’m going to be critiquing this “derailment bingo” thing on my blog, on the premise that most if not all of these don’t actually count as a derailment, and may be valid points. I challenge you, for the sake of intellectual honesty, to check out my blog in a few days when I’m done writing it, and at the very least acknowledge that such a disagreement exists. Whether you want to spend time responding to what I write is up to you. But you owe it to your readers to let them know that your side isn’t the only one, and to let them make up their own minds about who’s right.

It got through alright, but just like Josh’s post, it was, erm, heavily edited:

[ I am the MOST DISAPPOINTED dudebro, because if there’s anything living at the top of the rape culture food chain has taught me, it’s that I have a RIGHT!!!1 to a woman’s attention, even in her own personal space, even when she has explicitly said that I am unwelcome. ]

– Mod-edited for length and clarity.

She then responded to her own retcon of my post with this:

Your creepy concern-trolling sexist bullshit is not fucking welcome. This is MY SPACE, and you were already disinvited a week ago. Pushing my personal boundaries is not edgy or cool; it’s fucking gross.

I owe you nothing, and this is the last time I will allow you to engage. My readers already know there’s “disagreement,” because what you call “disagreement” IS FUCKING SEXISM.

And now my comments aren’t even going into the mod queue, they’re just being automatically deleted. I’m going to destroy that ignorant bingo card.


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