Articles on philosophy of religion, ethics, science, and logic from an atheistic perspective.


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  1. Tafacory says :

    I’m always looking for new websites and books dealing with various philosophical issues. I was wondering if you had any suggestions? Also, what is your background in philosophy? Is it a hobby or do you have formal education? Just curious because you seem to be very well-read, especially in logic. I’ve only had very basic education in logic.

  2. Robert says :

    I have no formal education, but it’s much more than a hobby.

    For logic books, a good place to start is “Logic With Trees” by Colin Howson, and “Methods of Logic” by W.V. Quine. From there you can move on to “Modal Logic For Philosophers” by James Garson and “An Introduction To Non-classical Logic” by Graham Priest.

    For philosophy of religion, the two great books everyone should read are “Logic and Theism” by J.H. Sobel, and “The Blackwell Companion To Natural Theology” edited by William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland. These aren’t beginner books at all, though, so working up to them will take some time. In a more general sense, check out anything by Plantinga, Swinburne, Pruss, Oppy, Schellenberg, Mackie, and Wielenberg, as well as any authors cited in the above books.

    There’s also two great books that pertain to ethics and religion: “Finite and Infinite Goods” by Robert Adams, and “Value And Virtue In A Godless Universe” by Erik J. Wielenberg.

    Finally, check out http://plato.stanford.edu/contents.html – most of the pages are not only full of good info themselves, but list extensive bibliographies. And unlike Wikipedia, it’s acceptable to cite the SEP as an academic source.

  3. Christopher says :

    Where did you learn symbolic logic?

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